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Why SizeMe AI?

Decrease messages

You don't have to be behind every size related message. We've got you covered.

Decrease return rates

The go-to solution your customers need for perfect sizing every time.

Increase conversion

Your customers make quicker decisions and increase their spending when sizing is easy.

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1 app, 4 ways to find your size

Every customer is unique, and that's why we provide tools to help everyone find their perfect size & fit.



With just 2 photos, your customers can effortlessly find their perfect size & fit for all your clothing.



With basic information, we match your customers with their specific size.



Customers can upload their body measurements and receive customized size recommendations.


Size Chart

We generate body measurements size charts to simplify your customer's decision-making process.

Size Chart

Make your store smarter in just a few steps


Download the plugin for your ecommerce


Setup your store in under 1 hour


Customize the integration with your brand’s look and feel


Analyze how your sales and returns improve

Seamlessly integrates with top-notch ecommerce platforms

If you don’t see your platform, contact us and we will provide customized assistance for your needs.

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Any doubts?

We are here to anwser them

Do I need to download an app?

No! SizeMe AI is a web application. This means that it works through internet browsers (Chorme, Safari, etc.).

How is it charged?

Subscriptions are paid monthly by bank transfer.

Does it work on any brand?

Users can access SizeMe AI only to brands that work with us.

Does the user have to take the photos every time?

No! Once the user completes the process, they have the option to save their measurements by creating their SizeMe AI account. Even better, if the user has previously saved their data on another brand, they can use it on yours without having to take the photos again.

Is the size calculated each time for each garment?

Yeah!. What is not necessary is to take the photos again since we have saved your measurements. With your measurements and the size chart of your garment, we recommend the ideal size.

How should users dress when taking the photos?

To be as accurate as possible, we ask that you take photos wearing a rolled-up or muscle shirt, which must be tucked into your pants.
Other factors that help are luminosity, that the environment is clear, and tying up your hair if it's long.

What integrations are available?

Currently we have developed the integration with Tiendanube, Magento and Shopify. We also offer the code and documentation necessary so that developers can integrate our API into your ecommerce.
Meanwhile, we continue working to reach as many ecommerce platforms as possible.

What about privacy?

We take privacy seriously. For this reason, we ensure that the photos we save are not easily accessible.
Photos are saved with the aim of improving the algorithm and recalculating user measurements in the face of changes in the app.

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